Comment: I really hope im over

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I really hope im over

I really hope im over exagerating here, but are we talking poisons here? Holly crap, ive just read the article, we are talking about poisons.

Well all i can say Mr president, why dont YOU be the "taster", for the "taster", unless you think your life is slightly more important then one of your constituants,

Better still perhaps stop giving reasons for people to be upset with you, so we can protect the lives of "tasters"

I guess, in the end, if someone WANTS to be obamas taster, by CHOICE, with the right to revoke at any time, then thats their choice, misguided as i think that choice is, i can see why you'd do it, especially if i replace obama with someone i think the people deserves alive, ideally, that person would not need it, although we may never see that level of COMPLETE trust until generations have come and gone, if ever