Comment: I object to the characterization...

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I object to the characterization...

nobody is throwing away their doubts about Rand Paul- we're just cheering him on when he does something good. If Ron had done something similar, he would have been blacked-out by the liberals and skewered by the neocons. The hardest of the neocons are still on Rand's case- but the mainline hosts have had to support the Senator because they knew it would be popular with the Obama-hating partisans.

Levin and Hannity have couched their support somewhat craftily, but Krauthammer was not a fan. Who is being delivered to the neocons?

If you recall, Rand tried to reach out to the left after he won the primary, and he was immediately slapped down by Maddow and all the race-baiters on the left. US Senators need some political cover- and if he had been so willing to say things that offend the sensibilities of mainline conservatives, he never would have made it as far as he has.

What has it earned him? It's too early to say- but I think it's bizarre that there are these snipers who pounce on every opportunity to condemn the man. He's far from perfect, but the most libertarian Senator...ever? In a fairly un-libertarian state- to boot!

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