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Comment: I'm assuming this is on Facebook?

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I'm assuming this is on Facebook?

Well, this is just my approach and my approach only but I usually stay away from trying to argue my point with people on Facebook. It's too easy to misunderstand peoples motives and tones. But, if I did feel compelled to respond, I would start with a kind salutation and a little friendly chitchat to soften the mood first. Then I would turn her statement back on her and ask her to defend her statement (politely). "Sarah, I'm right there with you on decreasing the amount our govt spends on welfare and boosting the economy. I hope you won't mind me asking how increasing the minimum wage will do those two things. Thanks!" (smiley face, whatever).

I know that might seem too passive for some but I always try to keep in mind, how would I talk to someone if they were sitting across the table from me. I think too many people who might have been persuaded were turned off by what they perceived as attacks on their right to their opinion. I am of the opinion that more people are brought around when they feel like we're in this together.