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Damn girl

Your situation really sucks. I'm sorry :(

How soon after your daughter missed school did they ask for the doctor's notes? If they're saying they cannot accept them because it's been longer than 3 days since she returned but they did not tell you until after those 3 days that they hadn't received them and needed the documentation then that is a load of bullshit. If you sent the notes with your daughter and were unaware that they had not been received by the school and they didn't say anything until it was too late for you then how were you to know? I'm not sure if contacting HSLDA would help at all. They offer legal advice for homeschoolers who are members with them. Membership requires dues payment and I don't know if they'd be able to help with your kids currently being in public school, but it might not hurt to contact them to see if they know anywhere you could go for help.

The whole concept of compulsory education and truancy is bullshit in my opinion. After reading about Maria Montessori and John Taylor Gatto I have lost all faith in the current method of education. I'm in the same boat as you are as far as being more recently awake. This will be my son's last year in public school as well. You might consider getting a membership with HSLDA even if they can't help you with your current problem because you never know if school officials might harass you once you start unschooling due to your past problems with them and the truancy crap.

Keep your head up and keep us posted!

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