Comment: Confiscate the assets of all

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Confiscate the assets of all

Confiscate the assets of all political supporters (politicians) of the Iraq War who unilaterally invaded foreign nations without a formal Declaration of War. Confiscate the assets of all constituents who directly supported the Iraq War through ANY means of communication. If it weren't for the trauma inflicted on the soldiers fighting the war, I'd even recommend confiscating the assets of the soldiers as well. Although exceptions exist, most of the troops engaged in combat have probably suffered enough already. I'd definitely confiscate the assets of the military brass, i.e. generals, not colonel and below. Confiscate the assets of corporations doing business with the government, e.g. private contractors with the DoD. Confiscate the assets of foreign dictators and their heirs which were supported by foreign "aid" in the name of conducting the "War on Terror". Confiscate the assets of the Federal Reserve System which aids and abets the ability to conduct illegal wars such as the Irag War or more broadly as the "War on Terror". Sell the confiscated assets at auction and apply the funds against the national debt. What should we, the people, do with the DoD? I have a few ideas ... ;)

I write this post partly in jest to illustrate the magnitude of the problem with the social, political, financial, and military-industrial establishments. Houston, we, the people, have a problem, a BIG problem. Let the financial hurt of the warmongers begin. Even members of my own family should lose everything as a lesson.