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Comment: Greetings DailyPaul Members. Your White House Kitchen Staff here

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Greetings DailyPaul Members. Your White House Kitchen Staff here

We sincerely wish to serve you; however, even the school student tours have been cancelled this year. Oh, we miss the children so much. It is so disappointing to have all the food in the world at our disposal... And only Mr & Mrs O & invited Senators to dine on our preparations. I do hope that Mr O can make new friends soon. It is so dreary... Even the testers are dreary. Especially since there are rules against children coming to visit us. You will excuse me. I think I am going to have a good cry. - White House Kitchen Staff, 2013
FRIDAY, JULY 02, 2010 What Are The White House Chefs' Salaries?

White House releases annual multimillion dollar salary report to Congress...

$38,796,307.00...including Social Office staff
The total price tag for the 469 employees who are listed in the report is $38,796,307.00. The salaries of the Social Office staff, who have everything to do with White House foodie activities, are listed in the report. Social Secretary Julianna Smoot is earning $150,000; her predecessor, Desiree Rogers, who departed in late March, made $113,000 per year. She lasted just slightly longer than a year...

We are sorry that though you must pay for our service, you cannot dine with us. Oh, I hope things change back to normal. It was wonderful having you folks over to dine with us. Those were the days my friend.

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