Comment: I love the recycling

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I love the recycling

It's great when these videos resurface every year or so.

God Bless Dr. Paul.

He kept me from losing my behind in my 401K when he predicted the housing bubble and other economic issues.

I hate to say it but I rubbed peoples noses at work when they lost over 30% of their savings after I told them what was going to happen. But subtly. "I'm glad I moved my money." Everyone else: ":(" Another one was people buying homes at peak price with easy credit. Told my assistant not to buy a home. He did and ended up in bankruptcy. I liked him too much to rub his nose in it.

There are two huge bubble forming in my area, well at least two that I can see with my own eyes. Both are localized. Another housing bubble. The same "I can touch my neighbor's hand from out the bathroom window" "homes" were going for around 800K less than a year ago. Now they are 1.8 million across from the mall on steven's creek. Why anyone would like to live across the street from a mall is beyond me.

The second is the tech bubble which is forming much like the dot com bubble. It's gonna pop one of these days. There is a national one which Dr. Paul touched on recently, and of course the currency bubble of QE infinity.

Dr. Paul is a badass.

Normally I am comfortable being a wage slave, but for now I'm stuck on the roller coaster which may stop at serfdom. Fortunately I will inherit property. Which I am putting every extra dollar into.