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I'm not going to tell you that you should be home schooling, just what we did. My son has never liked the rigid confines of the public school system, they always wanted to say he had attention deficit non-sense and wanted us to have him tested. We on the other hand knew better than that crap and always refused. My son was in the gifted program and was much sharper than most in his class but he didn't like school. I often let him stay home when he said he didn't feel good and eventually we got in trouble for the truancy crap. We went to court once, they said blah, blah, blah he has to be in school and made a threat like they did to you.

We had been thinking of home schooling for a while, well it wasn't too many months later that we were being called before a judge again for truancy. Well what they didn't know is that we had already done everything we needed to pull him from the school and start home schooling. We pulled him out about a week before the court date, I told the principal he would no longer be attending the school. He asked where he was going to be attending. I told him it was none of his business and I would see him in court. When the court date came we went stood in front of the judge, the judge asked why my son wasn't in school, I told her he was being home schooled now and that the paperwork had been filed. The principal and the county attorney tried to ask the judge for some kind of supervision testing crap where they would test him every so often to make sure he was keeping up with his class. I knew they would pull this trick and I knew there was no law that said we had to comply with it, so we simply refused. That was the end of that, the case was dismissed and we went home happy knowing we never had to deal with that school ever again. So if your ready to home school, go ahead and take the plunge. Of course check your state laws on homeschooling to see what has to be filed if anything.

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