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Comment: I think you are forgetting

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I think you are forgetting

I think you are forgetting the the vast majority of people have no idea how to read and interpret code so saying there is no excuse for peoples skepticism doe snot make sense.

I have been in the computer biz for nearly 30 years as a tech and network admin etc. and I still don't really read code that is what programmers do. I do not have the patience to do it.

So people still need to rely on someone else's word who understands the code. The fact that it is open source though and no one has come out and said hey I found a back door etc. is a very strong endorsement that it is safe.

Having said that simple logic makes me think bitcoin is a better alternative then what we currently have and if one is worried about power outages or back doors etc. What's the difference between that and worrying about a dollar collapse because we know a small group is inflating the dollar into oblivion?

Bitcoin is not traceable inflatable or taxable and being digital is easily transactable. That alone should be enough for folks to seriously consider it.

If you use bitcoin it does't mean you still should not put away gold and silver. Bitcoin is an easy way to cut the bankers out of the currency business right now. However to each his own.

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