Comment: Anyone think this is an isolated case?

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Anyone think this is an isolated case?

Ever wonder why 1/2 of the 'shows' on tv are shows about good cops? It's because the cops are really SO bad that the need their image 'polished' constantly...

This is standard operating procedure in ever city, EVERY cop breaks more laws EVERY day than ANY criminal, chasing 'bad guys', stomping all over your head, the constitution, and robbing, maiming, killing, planting evidence, and filling out absolutely false reports, all day every day.

Society is going to totally break down soon, the graft and corruption has so permeated every institution in the country, and the money printing presses have been churning out so much untold paper, and the global economy has no legs to stand on, 16 trillion in debt, 10,000,000 unsold mostly FORECLOSED homes being hidden from the market by the real estate industry and the politicians totally incapable of doing what needs to be done, what MUST be done to avert, lessen, or handle the consequences.

The cops are not on your side, Wayne LaPierre is wrong, the people DON'T want a police state...