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I so much appreciate your

I so much appreciate your approach in the intro to this post. Do your own homework, be an active skeptic (by that I mean be skeptical of your own group's think.)

But...always the but, right? But, I fail to see how it is advantageous to require such depth and breadth of knowledge for a simple thing like the representative exchange of wealth. Division of labor is one of the most powerful economic forces we've had going for...well, maybe a million years.

I should stop what I'm good at to devote weeks/months to understanding Bitcoin code. I'm at a loss to inspire myself to spend the next six months researching how Bitcoin code is written and where exposure to blasting out backdoors may lie,

I did a quick check of what I could purchase with Bitcoins and came up with very little of the things I actually spend my resources on. I'm also a little confused about the viability of Bitcoin as an inflation/crash hedge. I seem to remember a post here not long ago about how Bitcoin had gone up like 500 percent -- maybe that's an exaggeration, can't remember, but it was certainly more than the bread I buy has gone up.

I don't get how I can buy anything I actually depend on with Bitcoin and have any assurance that the pricing-matrix won't be just as much about gambling and hedging as the stock market.

Am I missing something fundamental here?