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The answer is evident to me:

The answer is evident to me: it is a big YES.

YES, people should be concerned with EVERY SINGLE NEW FREAKING LAW that encourages or, "better" yet, FORCES people to:

1) surrender ON THEIR OWN individual or parental responsibilities,

in order to...

2) delegate part or all of those to the state and its power-greedy statists

THAT is how TPTB and/or corrupt governments enslave the people. SLOWLY BUT SURELY.

By treating them like their irresponsible pets and making them believe they have TO BE ALWAYS MORE MANAGED like so.

Such laws are USELESS for the people - on both bullies' parents' and bullied's sides.

Bullying is only a symptom of a general society decay.

If anyone wants "to fix" bullying: let the parents of the bullied have A LOT MORE FREEDOM to pressure BY THEMSELVES on the courts and judges for HARSHER penalties (by means of using the 1st Amendment and their elected reps.)

The parents of bullies WILL THINK TWICE before letting their brats go loose. Or just letting them to become brats to begin with.

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