Comment: Sen. McCain, so pleased that

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Sen. McCain, so pleased that

Sen. McCain, so pleased that you apologized to Rand and company. I agree that your comment was inappropriate, and I'm so pleased that you've changed your mind and now "respect" those "whacko birds."

As I'm sure you know from your lifetime of experience, such moments when you understand a different perspective -- often marked by the shame that leads to apology -- are rarified and precious. I encourage you follow that shame-to-apology and explore.

Your captive Vietnam experiences certainly showed that you have honor and courage; I would encourage you to refuse the moniker of "clueless old man" Cavuto accused you with. I would encourage you to take this opportunity to re-think, reclaim. There is far less shame in changing some misguided ideas than in hold fast to all.

Please rethink. Please stop Eeyore-ing the Sequestration. I'm sure you know that it is no real cut, only a decrease in planned increases. There's absolutely every reason to use the shame you felt in apologizing to Rand to re-examine and bring your considerable experience to bear for a legacy that could be anything but clueless old man.