Comment: I can't imagine what it is

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I can't imagine what it is

I can't imagine what it is like for Portman to learn his son is gay. I highly doubt it was some revelation for him, probably more of a meandering experience that culminated in his public change of position.

One of the true great things about being a libertarian is that we don't believe this is government turf.

Regardless, I'm no coward, I'll weigh in. I honestly believe that in our most intimate of relationships there is a fundamental point of meeting the "other." It's not just physical; it's metaphysical -- the intersection of other that flavors the rest of our human relationships -- someone who doesn't look, believe, or behave like we do. On a metaphysical level, the mash up of gender engenders the ability to seek outside of one's own boundaries. I would grieve for a child of mine who had sidestepped that fundamental experience. At the same time, I could not imagine a stronger relationship than to my child. It would be anathema to distance myself from him or her; intimate relations begin in families, between father and son. If my son told me he was gay, I would feel I'd done something wrong.

I think we should accept gay individuals. Compassion is not reserved for those who make us feel all comfy with ourselves -- even our own parenting skills.

Weird thing is, I've done plenty wrong and my son seems to be aggressively hetero. If I were a betting person, I'd say gayness is biological and scuffling about morals is something to be laid at the foot of God's genome creation. If I wanted to get even weirder, I'd ask why the Trinity is all male. Why God had to "use" a female to create a hybrid Jesus. But I'm not that weird. I just think gay people are probably missing out and we should cut them some slack.

Compassion rules.