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Comment: How would you challenge

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How would you challenge

How would you challenge this?

Well there is the truth, which no one really wants to talk about because to acknowledge it means no one can force other people to do things for any deemed reason.

1. Do not accept mail from anyone you don't know and are not doing business with. Return it to sender even if it is some government agency you have heard of unless you have already have a contract with it.

2. Ask for evidence of the facts that statutes or code applies to you. I suggest learning about rules of evidence and the importance of first hand knowledge when used to establish a fact. Marc Stevens talks about this particular argument if you don't like freeman but its all the same thing. Constitutions and decrees of legislatures are rules applicable to governments, its agents, and assigns.

3. Whenever some so called clown in a suit makes a decision or determination demand the facts relied upon in writing to verify the abuse of discretion or excess of jurisdiction.

The truth of the matter is that unless you are being paid to perform a function of government or receiving a government benefit no statute or code applies to you. This is what it means in the Declaration of Independence consent of the governed. It means you get to choose when to put a Citizen title to use and when it is being used there is evidence of its use.

Now if they are still going to use violence against you and you are not prepared to protect your life, liberty, or property up to and including death then you don't actually believe in your life, liberty, or property. You can try to sue in rigged government courts. You can try to reconvene a grand jury of the people. You can try to affect political change. If you aren't going to actually defend your life liberty or property all one can do is bitch. If that is the case you are like 99%+ of Americans and might as well ask to lick their boots of whomever is trespassing against you when they have you on the ground.