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When Yahweh gave to Moses the

When Yahweh gave to Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai, thus began the Age of the Law. This was the Covenant upon which the "Jews" were bound in spiritual marriage to Yahweh. This covenant is referred to as the Old Covenant (or Mosaic Covenant) and established the 12 tribes. Under the Old Covenant (Age of the Law) there were various Temple-centered ceremonial processions involving animal sacrifice and feasts, etc. This covenant, however, was not perfect in that it could not redeem mankind from sin. The prophets in the Old Testament (the story of the times of the Old Covenant-OC) foresaw and spoke of a time when God would make a New Covenant with his people, one which would redeem man from his separation with Yahweh. This time was the "End Times" or the "End of the Age" when the Old Covenant would "wax away and vanish" and mark the establishing of the New Covenant.

After the reign of Solomon (who oversaw the construction of the first Temple), the Kingdom of "Israel" was separated into two kingdoms, Judah and Israel. Repeatedly through the OT, the Jews/Hebrews broke the OC and twice were brought into captivity by other nations. Eventually, Israel was cut-off from their communion with Yahweh (spiritually divorced) and dispersed to the Gentiles (those who were not descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). Under this prophesied New Covenant, the Israelites would once again come into communion with God, and the rest of the Gentile nations with them.

Prior to the time of Jesus, Yahweh grew displeased with Judah because she became spiritually adulterous, worshiping other gods and corruption of the priest class, pharisees, etc. When Jesus came his mission was to gather the "lost sheep of the house of Israel" and to make manifest the New Covenant. Judah rejected this covenant, mainly they were jealous that Yahweh would redeem Israel as they believed they were the chosen "son" (thus the parable of the Prodigal Son). They believed they were justified by keeping the Law of Moses. But Jesus was preaching a message of forgiveness (the message of the New Covenant Age) not of condemnation under the Law (the way of thinking in the Old Age). Jesus then in Matthew 23 and in other places delivered the verdict of guilt on Judah for all the righteous blood shed on the Earth from Abel to Zechariah.

The sign of the End of the Age (end of the OC) was given by Jesus in Matthew 24 and 25. At the End of the Age, Jesus was going to return to deliver Judgement on Judah for its guilt and destroy the Temple (the symbol for the Mosaic Covenant system). The mission of Jesus was the beginning of the End of the Age and the Apostles and disciples were given the mission to spread the Gospel (New Covenant) to the "World" (aka Great Commission). Once this was complete the "End" would come. Paul confirmed in multiple occasions that they had fulfilled that commission and they were expecting the "End" to come (i.e., the final judgment on Judah to redeem the righteous blood, the destruction of the Temple, and the full establishment of the New Covenant). Most Christians disagree with what I will say here, but this occurred in 70 AD when the Romans conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple once and for all. Since that time we have been living in the "New Age" (not the occult New Age we hear about) or New Covenant Age. Most Christians have been led to believe we are still waiting for this age to occur and are thus being setup for the coming deception.

The Ages spoken of in the bible are clearly not some secret meaning of Age of Pisces or Age of Aquarius. But because Peter Joseph doesn't understand the bible or is intentionally misleading people he takes a few of relatively insignificant and disconnected passages and spins them into this story with no basis in biblical eschatology (study of end times).

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