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Catholicism is basically

Catholicism is basically occultist paganism with a Christian wrapper. The last vestiges of the Roman empire reorganized and due to the popularity of Christianity took it and melded it with the various astrology-centric pagan religions. Thus, all of the astrological sun symbolism etc. in "Christian" (actually Catholic) art. Joseph probably knows this but his theory is being presented to people unfamiliar with biblical Christianity who think religion is about control. Actually, Jesus and his message were the "Punk Rock" of that day - he was attempting to end organized religion and to allow a direct communion between the individual and Yahweh. The Pharisees and Priest class wanted the people to come to them for righteousness. The people had to depend on the Temple ceremonies to temporarily cleanse them. Jesus and the New Covenant is about decentralizing the "power" and glorifying the spiritual state of individual.