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The one liner.

^^^ THIS is the one liner we ought to just keep in my mind as naturally it is (to most people I hope) to wash one's hands right after the toilets and before a meal.

The Law gets perverted FIRST thanks to its nonsensical numbers, volumes, and complexity.

It's as simple as that.

And this is, once again, NOTHING NEW.

Ancient Rome itself ALSO fell because of its eventually over-bloated, rotten legislative body, with a tangled mess of legalese threads, piles of nonsense that can serve only the goals of whoever has enough money to buy the most lawyers... or judges.

Never mind the people fundamental, natural rights eaten in the process by the very same cancer of unjust, perverted laws.

It's part of TPTB's plans to have the latter forgotten, or better yet, debased, laughed at, deemed "obsolete" or "no more relevant". Mounts of perverted laws ALSO help a lot in that process.

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