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I cut milk

jugs up and use the flat sides between burger patties/steaks/chicken breasts when I freeze them so I can separate them easier.

-I also cut them leaving the handle side (I also leave 1/2 the nozzle at the top) and the bottom and about a 2" lip around the other sides and put my toilet plunger in it in the bathroom. That way when you pull the plunger out of the toilet you can stick it in the milk jug and you don't drip poo water on the floor. I just take the plunger outside, rinse it off, throw the old milk jug away and cut up a new holder for the next crisis. I started doing this when my boys potty trained and stopped up the toilet with tp regular basis.

-I also use a milk jugs to store sugar because I'd rather pour it than scoop it.

-I also store chocolate chips in them when I buy the huge bags at Christmas.

-I cut the bottoms off and use those for portable, disposable dog bowls when we go camping.

-I also cut them (leaving the handle) and use them when I'm painting.

-When my boys paint they use the bottoms to pour their paint out on and mix it.

-I fill them with water and tea to take camping, picnicking or for road trips.

Clearly, I've given this some thought. ;-)