Comment: I'm not participating.

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I'm not participating.

I don't use banks. I rarely go anywhere so I hardly ever use gas. I go out of my way to avoid the grocery store with self-sustaining alternatives to getting food. I don't consent to any code enforcement or any harrasment by public servants.

The key to dealing with public servants is just that: ASK them if they are a public servant. If they are then ask them if they believe you are a public servant. If they say no then you're still a master. Inform them of that fact and tell them to act accordingly.

If stopped by a cop you are supposed to be asking them what is the probable cause for the stop. Traffic violations are not crimes unless someone has been harmed. Probable cause can only be maintained if you are suspected of committing a crime. If there is no probable cause then they do not have a reason to stop, detain or arrest you... nor do they have any right to demand identification. This isn't Hitler's Germany quite yet... but we are definitely getting there!

Brother you just gotta start researching the law and standing up for yourself. If you stand up - sometimes you get knocked down but the reason we are here on the precipice of a New World Order is that EVERYONE ISN'T JUST MAKING THE DECISION THEY WILL NOT PUT UP WITH ANY MORE TYRANNY... that means DO NOT CONSENT to constitutional violations!

DO not take a plea!
Do not consent to their jurisdiction.
Make a claim of frivolous action as well as contempt of the constitution.

The people have NO IDEA of their power in law. This is the reasons Attorneys don't want you to learn law... you will realize YOU DO NOT NEED THEM and when you get an attorney - you just traded all your rights for state-granted privileges.

This is also why the SPLC demonizes "sovereigns" because they have a vested interest in making sure people do not learn the law! SPLC is a group of ATTORNEYS!