Comment: I've been thinking about this

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I've been thinking about this

Seems to me, this would be slander.

If it's not slander, than that means there is an accusation of racetteering, whic is illegal, so would we have grounds to sue?

And if thee is such a law suit, would this dispose the GOP?

And would disposing the GOP be part of the "NWO", giving the US ONE PARTY (The Democratic Party) to represent the USA at the UN?

The GOP is not going to sue themselves? And why wouldn't Ron Paul, since he was the one who was cheated.. seems he has no problem suing in an international level for He's not in the GOP now, ans do what if Rand is.. I stand with Rand.. let it be Rand and those who support Rand problem?

Or maybe the PACs should sue to GOP for racketeering?

I think what it would lead to is us finding it's not just the GOP, but the states and the corporations who control them.