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You didn't get the question right

so no 64 grand...

It's your duty to stay within the bounds of the constitution my friend if you've taken an oath to uphold it. The correct way to address inconsistencies in the constitution is to amend it.

The fact that they are NOT attempting to amend the constitution for example with the 2nd amendment is that they KNOW it wouldn't get ratified.

There is a specific reason the founders wanted a Bill of Rights and an amendment process that involved the states - not just the FEDS.

When you read the constitution you see the words people, persons, person, citizen and Citizen. Ever wonder why there are so many different forms of what SHOULD be the same thing? Well it's because they are different. A citizen is actually a public servant... a corporate employee (of US Inc) which is bound by commercial statutory code. I am not a citizen - I am one of the people... (and most definitely NOT a person).

I am not a SUBJECT of the "govt" corporation - I am one of the owners. I'm not one of the slaves... I am one of the masters.

Your move.