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You're welcome

public servant! Wow that sounded kinda AWESOME. Just like the founders intended huh? We're all kings and queens here in this country my friend. When you go off-duty you can put your crown back on. When you're on-duty you are consenting to be my servant - and you get paid pretty well for that purpose.

I would still like a definitive answer however on the following question: Does the constitution grant government the power to regulate what people put into their bodies?

After re-reading your response however I've upped your grade to a B. Mainly what I'm looking for is an up or down on can you do it or not? "I do not believe it is right" is not the same thing as "it's unconstitutional so I can't do it."

Side note: I would very much like to do an interview on my talkshoe (can check the link below for previous episodes).