Comment: Trollamus non carborundum?

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Trollamus non carborundum?

I have not even seen the ad, did not read the thread. I have not seen anything that offended me, although I confess I do not pay much attention to anything but the active forum posts. I do recall a calendar, "Pin ups For Ron Paul" that featured a dear friend of mine, a stalwart champion for liberty. She just happens to be gorgeous, and not ashamed to use beauty to raise awareness for liberty. She took some crap for what she did, too. I think it is INSANE for us to sit here and judge each other's morals based on our willingness to show a little flesh.
I tried to raise awareness about how buying silver weakens JPMorgan. If you don't think the "Silver Vigilante" effort did any good, you are in denial. Here is the video that won the contest, even after I withdrew for being accused of posting soft porn, etc:
You will note, I have not taken it down, and I am still proud of the video. It is done in good taste, and it got a LOT of people to look into the silver manipulation.
Here's another person who showed a little flesh for the cause. What do you think? Should this person quit doing what they do?

Maybe it is not trolls grinding you down, maybe it is people genuinely concerned with your liberty....
I look forward to seeing LOTS more posts from you, and I am OK with you showing all the flesh you like, it is only sinful if you show the flesh Satan created.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: