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Actually in most states

it is the STATE CORPORATION that is the plaintiff. The simplest way to shut any prosecutor down is to invoke Trinsey v Pagliaro which stated "Statements of council in brief or in argument are not sufficient for summary judgement."

The DA has no first hand knowledge of anything. He can't testify. All he can do is call witnesses and enter evidence onto the record.

I agree he is merely a representative. The nice thing is he's a rep of an entity that cannot speak for itself thereby once you shut the DA up they basically can't do a darn thing. UNTIL that point however the DA is considered the "sovereign of the court" IMO. It's up to you to challenge his standing or you accept that status if you're not objecting to his asserting it and attempting to make you subject to his rule.

Actually you are assumed to be a corporate employee of US INC as a "US citizen" for more on that check this link:

You are dead on with the administrative "law" presumption. The judge is administrating a CORPORATE estate that is named after you (which is the PERSON) because you have not declared an executor in your will... see on paper YOU'RE DEAD.

IRS has you listed as a decedent - this entire fraud is done in probate courts where you're considered dead or "lost at sea" and therefore cannot administrate your own affairs, so the state steps up and does their trustee duties.

Best wishes with whatever you got going on... feel free to msg me if you'd like to discuss it and perhaps I can give you some suggestions :) Always happy to.