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Comment: People, this is HUGE NEWS !!!

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People, this is HUGE NEWS !!!

This is the biggest news of the past 10 years!

First off, this is not a decision by Cyprus. This is the European Union making this decision. They have decided NOT to "bankrupt" the government (which would mean defaulting on Cyprus government bonds, owned by banks and other investors). They have decided NOT to raise taxes or cut spending.

They have decided to DIRECTLY STEAL the money from the people who have bank accounts. The European Union and socialism are so bad, the state has made things so awful, the politicians are so incompetent to solve the problem, that they have resorted to stealing money directly from the people.

They made this decision on a Saturday, with Monday a holiday in Cyprus.

There will be a bank run in Cyprus on Tuesday. There will be bank runs throughout Europe now, too, because this is a EU decision, so there is every reason to believe they will do this to other countries, once the "test case" is done in Cyprus (small population, test it to see how much backlash happens).

Imagine if one day you woke up and found out that overnight Congress and Pres (even though Barry is not eligible) had passed a law to steal 10% of everything in your bank accounts and retirement accounts, and your accounts were frozen so that you could not take that money out.

This is the case in Cyprus, and you can bet that anyone with a bank account in the EU is going to be thinking that this could happen to them next.

The Globalist Nazis are watching to see how much backlash there will be, then they will tweak it. Start watching the spin on the Propaganda Media Network and for signs of "testing the waters" about doing the same in USA and other European countries.

Watch for riots in Cyprus and Europe. This is BIG, BIG news.