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Really good stuff :)

I am SO ENCOURAGED that everyone here is starting to catch onto this stuff. One thing I would edit regarding your complaint is the use of the word "of" when you say you are "of" you are saying you were "created by" and therefore a subject of. They never taught us the meanings of prepositions in public school for this reason.

So instead of saying you are a "Citizen of the Republic etc etc" You should instead say you are "one of the people domiciled upon the Michigan Republic."

I also use "upon" instead of "in" when describing my physical location with respect to the states. If you are "in" you are obviously "bound by" that state and it's corporate regulations.

Also "res" actually means "thing" so you definitely don't want to be a res ident. Instead you are "domiciled" upon.

Crazy stuff... but really good information in your comment others are well advised to go through it and look everything up.