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Comment: HEAVY TRUTH. Rand gets a whole cake for this one.

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HEAVY TRUTH. Rand gets a whole cake for this one.

This is where it happens - we either stand with Rand's truth, or YOU stand with Rand, I stand with truth.
If God DEMANDED that only men love women and women love men, and ONLY this type of love were acceptable to make a lifelong partnership, then it would be impossible for it to happen. That is part of the "free will " package. If you believe it is morally wrong, I urge you NOT to have any form of "homosexual" relationship. But tell me, is a mother living with her daughter a "homosexual" relationship? No, there is no sex, so everyone is good with that. It is so not "liberty minded" to tell other people how they can have sex.
I'm not into it, I have a pretty good deal going with my husband of 30+ years. Want to hear the details? No, I don't want to tell either. And, I don't want o hear about your sex life.
Want to hear how much in love I am? It is a pretty amazing thing, to grow with someone through a lifetime of changes... and I'd love to hear your love story. Love is a great blessing, and the best expression of our Creator we can offer.
What does the gay community need to cede? The truth. There is a BIOLOGICAL unit, that involves procreation, that a homosexual union is not. Using a different word to describe these arrangements is not discrimination, it is discernment of the obvious. Where it becomes a problem all around is the insane desire from both sides to let the government define ANY OF IT.
Rand stood for a deep truth today. Today, I stand with Rand.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.