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that I am not feeling well and am even staying home from Jon's basketball game. I have no energy and sinus headache for 2 days. I think going thru the dusty tax papers got too me.

So I went back to read where I am supposed to be working and am just too tired to think about things that do not come natural to me.

I want to reply to this:

"It seems to me that absolute abject belief in falsehood without question is a sin perpetrted by an external power, a lliar, and the victims are then innocently, unkowingly, injured by such a sin, helpless, powerless, and eventually turned inot liars, sinners, themsevels.

Does that sound right?"

Without going and getting all the scriptures I can say the answer is yes. Satan lifted himself up to be God and that is why he fell. Then he told God's creation that they could be as God and then they fell. Both of those were lies: abject belief in falsehood that one could be God. Neither Lucifer or God's Creation can be God.

OK and then I want to say that when I talk about that which the market can bear it is tied to the perfect money which is this:

which you so kindly safed for me:

"Ideal Money
One that has unfettered monetary competition under which all are chained to the Golden Rule"

So I see that I may be duplicious as I say what the market can bear and say out of the otherside of my mouth that I will do unto others what I want them to do unto me. So I will think about that some more

You have words in the reply above that I want to save. I just cant pick them out right now and when I read them the first time, I told myself I would come back and get the quote, so I will do that when I can read with all of my mind.

Thanks Joe for your reply as I see how little I am when there are freezing and starving people and I am worried about whether I can get what I want.