Comment: This is yet more evidence that centralization of power is BAD

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This is yet more evidence that centralization of power is BAD

The whole POINT of the American system is to DECENTRALIZE POLITICAL POWER.

And the reason for that is that when individuals are allowed to have a lot of political power, things will (sooner or later) get VERY BAD.

This Cyprus news is HUGE. But one thing overlooked is this: The Cypriot people did NOT vote on this; the Cypriot legislature did NOT pass this "law;" the Cyprus President did NOT sign on to this (in fact, just last month he said this WOULD NOT happen).

No, this decision was made by the UNELECTED members of the European Union -- these are bureaucrats who are really Globalization Nazis. These cowards made their decision in Brussels, on a Saturday, and are not accountable to anyone (though maybe the Cypriot people need to start taking action against these brutal thugs).

Anyway ... centralization of political power is a VERY BAD thing -- and this is yet more evidence that this was true 200 years ago and it is still true today.

THIS is the central theme that libertarians should be constantly emphasizing. Although statistics will say that corporate power is bad, corporate power primarily happens in conjunction with political power, and it is NEVER nearly as bad as what centralization of political power brings.