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Thank you very much.

You are the first (off duty) public servant who has EVER answered that question in the affirmative. Therefore the entire war on drugs is unconstitutional. I'm really encouraged by hearing you setting people straight on who the boss is and not just reveling in the perceived power because they think you are... that is highly commendable.

The simple way to handle the drug issue is to just look the other way... nothing to see here... move along :)

Harm is one thing. The black market in drugs is killing a lot of people every year. I'm a full grown adult and would really like to just go down to the local corner store for my pot. I'm not a drinker... I don't like alcohol at all.

Instead I'm forced to go to shady places in some cases... sometimes risking my life... just to procure a plant that I should be able to grow out of the ground without being harassed by public SERVANTS.

It's straight up persecution and discrimination. I don't harm anyone. I don't give pot to kids... and I just want to be left alone. Why does that make me so "dangerous?"