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The market is indeed small today.

The market is indeed small today. And Bitcoin "today" is definitely not for everyone. But Bitcoin exists because there are centrally-controlled currencies who tell people, "No, you can't buy drugs, unauthorized weapons, gamble online." Bitcoin very quickly established itself as the currency of black-market activities, which, granted, appeals to few. However, that's where the advantages of the system as a whole began to shine through. Just like BitTorrent can't be stopped by the Copyright Monopolies, Bitcoin can't be stopped by government/Central Bankers.

So for me, I know using USD to buy a loaf of bread is pretty damn harmless. But what about those things that are even "legal" that are becoming more and more frowned upon: Fast food, soda, cigarettes... hell, how about fossil fuels??

I just don't want gov't to have any influence over what I am or am not allowed to purchase. Whether it's a loaf of bread or a fully-automatic weapon, I want to have the CHOICE to buy it.

And Bitcoin is still new. Very few people know about it, and even with the massive improvements in infrastructure over the past couple years, it honestly isn't ready for prime time. But the more almighty gubmint squeezes down on your ability to purchase even small things like 36oz soda, people are going to realize the need of a currency that circumvents government. That's why I believe that Bitcoin perfectly synergizes with the message of Liberty, and is the epitome of a peaceful rebellion.