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do not be disscouraged. Most of us understand the fundemental rule of tolerance. Some seem to not have gotten that far mentality, don't let their ignorance diminish your need to express yourself. It is here at the Daily Paul that all expressions of thought are welcome, those that disagree will downvote the topic or comment, but that is part of the process here. We need all individuals to express their thoughts, for it is only with diversity that we can learn about things other than ourselves. If something is important to you, and you feel the need to express it, please do. In this way we can find common ground, and for those that disagree it gives an opportunity for them to sharpen their ability to express their diagreement. Most of us understand that liberty and tolerance of differences are one in the same, for those that do see this fact, they have not yet come to the freedom of mind, for their view is narrow and small and shallow. Let us disagree, let us debate, and let us do so intelligently, but do not discourage expression of thought. Name calling is childish, let us be mature and debate our disagreements with character, class, maturity and a sense of depth.