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I don't think you are being

I don't think you are being realistic here. In your op you said:

"Given that all the source code for Bitcoin is available and completely open to the public, there is aboslutely no excuse for this"

You and I both know the vast majority are not going to learn code and should not have to. Most do not have the time either. Sure I could learn code and I did a little when I was in school but have pretty much forgotten it over the years. Am I going to learn it now hell no.

You are saying there is no excuse for the misinformation because people could learn code and find out for themselves, that is unrealistic. You'd be better off pointing to the fact that no programmer has come out and said hey Bitcoin has a possible backdoor.

Chastising folks just because they do not want to take the time to become programmers just to vet bitcoin is not going to do the trick IMO.

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