Comment: Its a clever move by Rand to get govt out of marriage

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Its a clever move by Rand to get govt out of marriage

Yes, its a clever move by Rand to get govt out of marriage and I support it. Get govt OUT of the tax code and OUT of the courts and OUT of our bedrooms.

And in reply to the RedState essay, Yes the tipping point has been reached, Americans now favor gay marriage. Yes those on the pro-gay-marriage-left WANT government involved. And Yes, like all good conservatives who WANT GOVT OUT of everything else, like Rand Paul we want govt out of Marriage, we want it 'privatized' not 'governmentized'.

The question was asked, what about the children? Like all private marriages and the marriage contract, that gets decided upon signing the contract.

Finally, perhaps the best thing about privatizing marriage, these one size fits all divorces where upon child support, child custody, spousal support, and "half the marriage assets" are divided, can be changed to better reflect the people involved. From Hollywood stars who are multi-millionaires to the local stewardess working for tips, no one marriage contract is right for all people. Each marriage contract should be customized for the parties involved, just as all private contracts are done today. So the question of children and who gets what, that is all decided prior to the wedding day.


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