Comment: Well At The Risk Of Further Offending You

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Well At The Risk Of Further Offending You

You need to be thicker skinned if you are going to be online. ANYWHERE! At 51 life should have toughened you up I would think. If you have had such a great life that silly comments on DP are hurtful to you then I envy you! Don't be afraid to post your thoughts for crying out loud. I am sorry if you were embarrassed by that last thread but stuff happens. Just remember that it's the net and that there are all kinds of folks out there. Some are nice some are not so nice and it's easy to bash people while hiding behind an anonymous keyboard. Your ideas are valuable here so don't let this silly event rein you in! Geez, if I got bent every time I have been made fun of or told off online I would NEVER have kept going. Anyway, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! LOL! Best have a DEEP SENSE OF HUMOR! Oh, one more thing, keep in mind that you don't know if you are talking to someone who is 50 or someone who is 15 online most of the time. Take THAT into consideration.