Comment: I have a theory that the dehumanization of birth

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I have a theory that the dehumanization of birth

happened mostly as a result of scopolamine use. The drug allowed doctors and nurses to behave without regard for their patients' dignity because they either wouldn't remember it or the nurses could claim they were remembering it wrong (as happened to my mom when she remembered that they made her sit on her baby's head after it crowned). Most women who had scopolamine births believe they were asleep the whole time(not true), so will attribute bad memories to dreams and not know what to do with the trauma.

The drug isn't just about making people forget, it also makes them very suggestible. So the principle that it's up to them not to be so enamored with authority that they can't say no doesn't apply.

Horrors were normalized with no witnesses. Remember, husbands were sent to pace in the waiting rooms. Such an image of a more innocent time? No! How families were prevented from speaking up for those under the influence of that drug. They even put more padding on the cuffs to keep husbands from noticing bruising when women were strapped to beds.

In more modern times, I think we're still suffering the effects of the lack of choice being normalized. Families are demanding more dignity these days, but they simply don't have the ability to vote with their feet because of the costs.

I've had two births at hospital-attached birthing centers and one at home.

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