Comment: Goodbye Mave-riech

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Goodbye Mave-riech

I have been a member of DP for a long time, and I probably only have a handful of post so I don’t post unless I have a strong opinion about something. John McCain once was a good republican, I wish he would have gotten the GOP nom back in 2000. But, since then I have become much more aware of the powers that be and realize that even if McCain had the nom back in 2000 and won, we would still be where we are today, because McCain has become part of the problem.

The only reason McCain is apologizing, is due to that fact that Ron Paul and his movement have completely changed the GOP from where they were in 2008 and the old guard is about 10 years behind the times. McCain now can see that the winds have changed and if he wants to save what little legacy he has as a “Maverick” he has to backpedal.

Watch the video again, McCain actually has to cough before even saying Cruz’s name, that’s a subconscious “swallow your pride” hiccup, he doesn't believe in jack what he’s saying. Neal did a great job of putting McCain in his place and even though Neal was pretty anti Ron Paul back in 2008, he is totally on our side now.

McCain is dead politically, now to cut out the cancer that is Lindsey Gram

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