Comment: Oh come on really

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Oh come on really

I don't know why you would even write this and cry the way you just did. I got tears on my food. Really though, your 51, grow up. You put yourself on the chopping board when you posted the first time, and now your just coming back crying like you wish you wouldn't have because you expected more positive comments. Look, you screwed up, you didn't do your research, and you got burned, lesson learned. But I could care less if you wrote anything else, or if you never returned here at all, I don't care. You are a troll magnent when you post stuff like this, people know they will get a rise out of you even if you don't respond, just get off trails of tears there and come back to fighting for liberty and individual freedom. If you weren't so concerned how others were using their liberties we wouldn't be here in the first place. duhhh

You just got PAULED!