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To Each...

...his/her own. More power to him.

For me, however, I have zero desire to travel abroad anymore. I have been to several European nations (England, Italy and Germany), to Canukistan multiple times and many times to Mexihole border areas, resort towns and even to Mexico City.

I have no desire to, or interest in, living in any of them, trying to change any of them from what they are, or in ever traveling to or visiting any of them, ever again.

I am fully aware of how f'd up most US States and the fed-gov are, yet this is my home, my land, my Constitution and my Republic, to focus on and restore.

Not interested in being a stranger in a foreign land. There is nothing to see or experience there (other than the novelty effect) that provides more fulfillment or satisfaction or adventure, than these united States.

Mexico is, in my opinion, a hole AND a cesspool, and their government (from local to federal) is even more tyrannical and predatory, in their own way, than is ours.

That also applies to the governments of the other nations I have spent time in.

I have pleasure-experiences, exploration & travel, famly raising, property owning and serious liberty-labor to do, right here at home.

Silly ol' El-Tee, eh...