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The thing for now

is mainly education. We are in a situation where "no"'s are legally supposed to be respected. If some of the things that happened to my mom, like the nurses not bringing her her baby for 24 hours, despite her pleas, happened in a hospital today, that would make the local paper. I can't speak for the ten-year time frame, but things are much, much better than they used to be dignity-wise. It's just that expectations that it will be an undignified process are so ingrained, women are just now demanding better.

They are getting better in so many areas. The babies are put directly on the mother's chest most of the time now. That's such a reversal from times past when they treated the mother as a potential danger to her baby.

I do think the "no"'s are becoming much more respected, but women don't know when to use them.

For example, that pitocin drip is where control gets taken away from a woman. If she doesn't know what they're doing, cranking it up constantly and needlessly, to make the birth go faster, and that that's the source of so many complications and an excess of pain, she will simply agree. Women also need to know they should refuse any interventions involving lack of progress if the baby is not in distress. They simply don't know that and trust the business people who are trying to get a new client in that bed sooner. It's like they're going to a car dealership and taking their word for everything, not that they're not free to say "no".

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