Comment: I know very well. Again, so what!

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I know very well. Again, so what!

I'm not the one praising and defending killers and thieves, you guys are. Persons who murder, steal, kidnap, torture, imprison, are NOT "o.k in my book". I don't care if they're an oil baron or a military dictator or a mob boss or a preacher or a dirty hippie living in the desert or Robin Hood, it's wrong; morally reprehensible. Even if that's how the world works and everyone else has become accustomed to it, accepting it as normal (like it's just another day at the office here on planet earth) if not admirable or even heroic. "In my book" it's never acceptable. No amount of good deeds he did in his whole life will ever make up for not one single life that he ordered his special police forces to raid, round-up, torture and execute in the middle of the night. Chavez is not, was not, "o.k.". Chavez is in hell where folks like him belong, and anyone who thinks otherwise can, "in my book", go to hell with him.


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