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That "anyone but Obama" mantra

I heard day after day during the campaign season just about drove me crazy. It nicely kept people from bothering to look into ISSUES - the national debt, all these wars undeclared by Congress, abrogation of our Constitutional rights, ambiguities concerning the Federal Reserve, etc., etc. So many people seemed not to know or care that there were ways in which Obama was only doing the same things that George Bush and other prior presidents had... and ways in which Obama's views were no different from those of Republican candidates. For instance, I'd ask people complaining about the national debt, do you understand that none of the candidates except Ron Paul have plans to reduce the debt? That all the rest are only proposing a decrease in the rate of increase? That is, they also intend to increase our debt? The reply: anyone but Obama.

I do not like President Obama, and I think he *is* hell bent on bringing America down as a sovereign nation; but, what's wrong in this country didn't start with his administration, and things will only continue to get worse until we *do* start looking at the whole system. P.S. Ben Carson did acknowledge that it wasn't just Obama.

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