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You're misunderstanding. The

You're misunderstanding. The moment he commits a crime... i.e. molests a child, he should be hung by his balls and dipped into a shark tank. Abusing children in this way will "never" be tolerated. Im sure its the wet dream of all these @#$%ing politicians who want to break down the rule of law so they can do whatever their sick minds want, however you will NEVER convince any parent to accept it. Ever. And there are a lot of parents.

Im a father of two daughters. I will show no mercy to any man who touches one of them. However, a system which encourages such people to seek help BEFORE they act on their desires is preferable to one which incentivises them to hide their sad nature until repression turns them into monsters. My children are "less" likley to be victimized if there is a place where these people can get help BEFORE they become criminals.

The second they go from "minor attracted" to "child rapist" they become dead meat in my opinion.