Comment: Shooting pigeons

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Shooting pigeons

I don't know how they were shooting pigeons, but I have shot hundreds of pigeons over the years. When I am shooting pigeons it's in the process of training young pointers. They are placed under tall grass and usually will stay put for 5-10 minutes. The young dog is brought up downwind to get the birds scent, after the dog points the bird is flushed up and shot, then the dog is encouraged to retrieve the bird. Sometimes the pigeon wouldn't be shot and I would let it fly back to the coop. It's all about getting a young dog accustomed and knowing exactly what he's doing before hunting wild birds. Some of my pigeons I bred my self and some are nuisance pigeons I take from farmers barns. Whether you agree with how someone is hunting/killing pigeons or not, the fact is that they are within the law and the pigeons are their property. In most states pigeons are considered a feral nuisance and there is no bag limit.

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