Comment: You mean we have not Won.

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You mean we have not Won.

As far as winning, there are battles being won everywhere. The tide IS shifting.

It is an excellent idea to influence through both the republican and democratic parties. Not only participate, but bring anyone and everyone you can. This is happening and will continue to happen more and more.

The corrupt establishment set in place took over a century to construct. More has been done in the last few years to spread Liberty, freedom and truth than was done in the previous century. Polls show people's lack of trust in the government. Viewer statistics show the loss of credibility for the corrupt system of broadcast.

A wise man once said "Once an idea's time has come, it cannot be stopped by any army or any government". Brushfires of freedom ARE spreading in the minds of men.

It would be nice to wave a magic wand, or have God strike with his staff, and all would be well. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. The tide has shifted though and these are exciting times.

The Liberty message is making mainstream. Liberty and Justice for all. Everybody wants it, and they sure aren't getting it with the current establishment.

Those that currently control world banking/politics/warfare cannot stand. It might seem overwhelming, but seriously....give these fools enough rope and they'll hang themselve.

Those who post on social media and comment sections are doing their part. More and more people read social media more than mainstream media. There is growing activism in so many forms, including within the major political parties, and not just in America.