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You are right.

But it IS one thing that helps prove that we did in fact come from a single celled organism. Every living creature shares certain factors. Multi-cellular organisms share hox genes in common. This is how ribosomes know where to grow proteins in space. Every stripe on a zebra is written within its hox genes. Every cell in the zebras body has the blueprint for this single stripe, yet it is the hox genes that tell only certain cells to produce it.

Creationists like to say that this is proof that all of these creatures have a common creator. If this is the case, it would also prove that the creator was very clumsy in their work. Most mutations are harmful! If a creature needed to adapt to its environment very fast it could be in trouble. As we see in reality creatures cannot usually adapt very quickly. Which ones have adapted to humans? Ants, rats, crows, and cockroaches. Not very many, indeed.

Most kids, me included, had to have braces. Our molars crowded out the rest of our teeth. Thanks a lot, God! What is the purpose of crooked teeth, or is it just sin.

-Matthew Good