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lol. Keep your cool.

lol. Keep your cool.

You know what I eventually remind to myself when I realize I get too angry because of my reading too much about these frauds?

Their posterity. That's what I think of.

Isn't it about one of either two cases, anyway?

Either evil wins and everybody gets enslaved (or total chaos destroys us all, even), including freaks like her, or:

our current brave stand for the principles of liberty and justice, all in the founding texts already (those they try so hard to destroy) eventually pays off...

In the latter case, what will the tangible spared records and truthful books will say about them, about her?

I'm telling you:

putting the gender aside, I'd rather lose a limb or two than wearing the name of "Coulter" now for the future.

See... that's what these selfish, materialistic, despicable frauds don't get and the big mistake they make:

their ego is so big that they can only conceive to live in a present. A present where they can abuse others. Tell them lies and nonsense, constantly. Insulting people's intelligence. Where they can be "in charge" or "influential" before the masses above which they consider themselves.

They can't see it, but they fool themselves utterly. For that's not how one gives a meaning to their life.

ONLY their posterity does.

Now think about the posterity of Dr. Ron Paul ALREADY BUILT UP for comparison.

Ms. Coulter should repent and/or get a clue and start working on it right now, for her posterity. As she is pretty late, already. But she probably won't.

Too bad.

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