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Comment: Tesla was a genius; there's

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Tesla was a genius; there's

Tesla was a genius; there's very little controversy on that point. He invented 3-phase power and our modern electrical grid works on it. No one in the electrical engineering field doesn't know and respect Tesla.

Tesla's ideas are far from suppressed; in fact we studied him thoroughly in college. In fact Tesla won in the AC/DC ring with Edison.

For all the folks who want to dig Tesla up and trot him out like a meat puppet, I hear nothing about Maxwell, who incorporated all of the phenomena Tesla was working on and defined those phenomena by a few simple, albiet inassessible to folks who don't want to get down and dirty with math, differential equations that anyone who actually studies knows.

Tesla couldn't manage this. His contribution was, therefore, self limited. This inadequacies doesn't make him mysterious; it simply makes him what he was. A genius who was limited and passed his ideas on to a chain of other genius who developed his ideas into workable models and into our current electrical grid.