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that's right

i was replying to Nightawkeye's question:
"If you know of any other candidate for president that fits the majority of our views feel free to point them out."

i replied that it's too early in the game, after all a lot can happen in three years. no one knows what the future will hold. if you recall last time around there was a different front runner every week, and it ended up sadly with mitt and rand's endorsement. i voted for johnson but i wasn't involved in any activism for him.

but then you want to know (what i'm doing now, and if i'm in the game). i first wonder why you find that any of your business? it's not something i'd ask, but i'll answer you anyhow: i'm reading, i'm watching, listening, debating, asking questions, continuing to spread the message of ron paul and libertarian thinking. when the time comes i'll make a decision on who to vote for. but as for activism (which i'm assuming is you mean), that is something i've only ever done for ron paul, and again i'd say when the time comes i'll decide if there's someone i'd consider giving that kind of time and energy to. i hope this satisfies your concerns.